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Plants vs. Zombies

It's late but I'm still up, ask why...I'm still having jetlag from out flight. The hubby is still up, playing and perhaps trying to be one of those zombies. He's been going on like this for days since he discovered this addicting game. I say addicting because my kids are hooked in this too. Despite my warnings because I really don't like them playing such games, the kids told me how the game is played, showed me how they kill zombies and what would happen if they aren't successful. As a game lover and one who doesn't believe in ghosts or the dead coming back alive and one who abhors spiritism, I am torn. Honestly, I am so not recommending this game, especially to kids. And because it is ...

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Mini Marathon For Kids and Other Fun Activities

We enjoyed a day out in the sun,  our now 9-year-old daughter said she wanted to try running the BIC kids race. It's a 700-meter mini-marathon for kids aged 8-9 years, and so we registered her for it.  Before and after the race, the kids enjoyed other games too. We also met with a friend and her daughter so they enjoyed the games together. There were free balloons, even free cornflakes given out by the Kellogs Tiger Mascot. The race and the event was held at the Prater Allee, near the Stadium. Blowing Bubbles Which child would say no to blowing bubbles? The kids get to try blowing big bubbles - it's a good lung exercise and it's fun to follow the bubble you create around until it ...

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Swimming With The Kids and 8 Other Fun Things To Do At The Beach

It's summer once again. Where are you headed? "To the beach, swimming with the kids," I think, would be the dominant answer. My kids certainly would say that too. I personally am not a beach person...I practically grew up going to beaches but having brown for a skin color would mean a much darker complexion after spending an hour under the sun... Going to the Beach It's a good thing my kids didn't have that thinking. They love the beach, they love water. I once heard my son ask his dad, "Can we just live here so we can play all day in the water? Or can we have a house with a pool?" lol. If it doesn't cost that much I would personally say yes. Oh, these photos were taken at Lignano, a ...

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ModNation Racers

Following Little Big Planet is another game where users can generate content sharing and level creation tools online. ModNation Racers is a kart racing game where players are able to drift and accelerate...much like earlier games as Mario Kart, Chocobo Racing, Sonic Drift and the likes. Players can sideswipe other racers, boost their speed or enable shields to protect them from other racers' attacks. Much violent I say, players can collect weapons and upgrade them as the game progresses. That's why this game is mostly played by hubby. Just like Little Big Planet, there's a lobby where players can meet, create characters and download stuff, it's named ModSpot in the game. The Modspot is an ...

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Macbook Skins

Meet my buddy, snow white, I mean "maki," my macbook! It has been 3 years since I got this as a gift from hubby, and he got me one of the pretty macbook skins I like. I've called it "maki" and you know that when you name something you get attached to it, I did. Maki has since undergone some 'operations and parts replacement. Once for having bathed with milk (credits to the little boy), for being made into a piggy bank (little boy put some coins in the cd slot) and for just dying out while we were on a far away vacation. Ever reliable hubby revived maki on all those instances (handyman!), yes even when I thought that the dying out phase would be the last I'd see of maki. I have to thank ...

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