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HTC 7 Mozart with Windows Phone 7 series

The hubby made this phone review, I found it in his youtube channel. I didn't gave much attention to it back then. I think he made this for the company he's working with because he didn't get this phone nor an htc desire hd but rather an Iphone 4. HTC 7 Mozart with Windows Phone 7 series : Video by hubby. HTC Mozart is amongst the first smartphones to embrace the promising Windows Phone 7 operating system. The phone's name was quipped from the famous musician as it aims to give users a really enjoyable music experience. Coupling this is its photography feature. It comes with an 8MP camera with a useful Xenon flash, Dolby Mobile and SRS features, 8GB of storage along an aluminum body, and ...

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For the Love of Everything Japanese

We did say that we love games, whether it's handy game consoles or video games, board games, and even mind games. That love for games extends to merchandise, movies and TV shows, and of course, the language those movies and shows are in: Japanese. To say it short, we love everything Japanese: be it the language, food, klumpert, anime, manga, and their culture. So we're really grateful when friends gift us with mementos, goodies, and what-have-you Japanese stuff when they visit or sent through the post. We were also able to go to Aninite, a meeting point for the fans and those interested about Japanese stuff and pop culture in Vienna and abroad, more like a Comic con of sorts. Truth be ...

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Walkera Lama 400D Cam Flight

What unique way to bond with the kids than going out to fly a kite...ooopppsss! We really don't have a kite so instead we went out to field just beside the Danube River to fly an RC Helicopter. We installed cameras in it so we get a view of the field...possibly the beautiful Blue Danube as well and of what's below the ground. The Millenium Tower, the Donauturm and Floridotower were also visible. I was also testing the video function of the 7D here, so hubby stitched them together in this video. Enjoy. Hey, there were a lot of kites too! This one (photo) interested me best...hihi. It looks like a glider. Aside from watching it swaying above and floating in the vast blue sky, we also ...

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Canon Eos 7D

We were weighing our options between the 7D and the 5D Mark II for the past month but hubby decided to get the former, mostly for its video capability features. When  I look at the 400D beside the 7D, it seems like  a toy dwarfed by the size of the latter. The buttons would also intimidate one who is used with lesser functions (read: me). Key features of this model: Canon 18-megapixel APS-C size CMOS image sensor full HD video capture @ 1920x1080 (720p and VGA sizes also available) Dual Digic 4 processors, EF/EFS lens mount 3.0-inch LCD with 920K pixels 8 frames per second burst mode completely redesigned AF system and viewfinder wireless flash control high ...

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Exploring The Philippines With Kids : Best Things To See and Do (Luzon)

Visiting the Philippines is very different from visiting Paris or Singapore. A week is not enough, and there's just a lot more to do and see, and lots of people to meet. It's our home country after all. Bringing the kids on a 14-hour plane ride can surely be tiring, but it's of course worth it all. Letting them have a change of atmosphere, introducing them to our friends and their families and them making new friends. There's also nothing better than knowing one's roots. While it may not be possible to meet all of the relatives nor remember each of their names, it's enough for the kids to know that they have family on this side of the world. Now, how do you go about exploring the ...

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The iPhone 4

The Iphone 4 is definitely thinner than the previous version. The built and style as we know is slick and very classy to look at. Its polished stainless steel bound by sleekly laminated layers of glass makes other phones look yesteryear's choice. The additional front-facing, VGA (640×480) camera is interesting, well I won't use it that much anyway. Still with the new 5 megapixel, 720p video camera and LED flash, I say I'd prefer a Sony Ericsson's for picture quality. Wait until you get apps for photoediting like PS Express, OldPhoto, Instagram and Tiltshift to name a few, you'd have fun editing as I do, for sure. Pros: really attractive design high  and clear resolution display iOS ...

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