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The Top 3 Cars for Young Drivers

Whether your child has just turned 18, graduated from university, or is starting their first job, they’re going to want a car sooner or later (not toy cars ok?). In order to find a motor that’s gentle on your wallet as well as safe on the roads, there are a number of factors that you’re going to have to consider, not least the price. From fuel efficiency and reliability to looks and insurance costs, research is key if you want your child to be safe behind the wheel. Electronic stability, mileage and curtain airbags are some of the features you’ll want to look for when choosing a car for your child, as well as good crash test results. Your child may complain about the look of the car, but ...

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Every Pocky Biscuit Sticks We’ve Ever Tried

Just like the different Kitkat chocolates, we also like trying out the Pocky biscuit sticks varieties. Pocky is a Japanese sweet snack of biscuit sticks coated with chocolate that could vary from milk to white, to dark to a combination of chocolate and other flavors. In Europe, it is sold as Mikado, lol (I've only recently known this and it's already 2022). We also eat Mikado a lot, although there's only white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate variations! Though we're not able to take photos of all the Pocky we tried, we still compiled here those that we did. Enjoy! We update this post to the date we get to try new ones. Heartful Blueberry This variant isn't too sweet. ...

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Every KitKat We’ve Ever Tried

Every KitKat we've ever tried from around the world. This post gets updated to the date we try a new one. ^_^ We love Kitkat, as  many other Japanese food and stuff. When there's a new Kitkat variety that we see, we try them no matter where they're manufactured. Most of the time though, friends gift us knowing how much we love both Kitkat and Matcha. (Thanks guys!)   While we don't really like chocolate and fruit combination so much, this chocolate orange is good and refreshing. Not too sweet, just a tinge sour but mom says she is ok with just half of the two bars. Our curious cat Leon heard the sound of plastic that's why he's in the frame. He wanted to get the wrapper, not ...

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Setting the Time for Everyday Routine for Children : 8 Best Practices

Some people scoff at parents who implement a strict and regimented life for their children. Children, after all, are to be left to enjoy life without worrying about schedules and deadlines. But, there is some value to training kids to put some order in their daily lives. Establishing everyday routine for children is not difficult especially when it is done early enough in their lives. "Train a boy in the way he should go; Even when he grows old he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6 The verse advises parents to inculcate in a child life lessons that he would carry on to adulthood. This could be good moral values, belief in and getting close to God, the knowledge needed in order ...

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How To Make Thank You Cards – Fun Activity With Kids

Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts. – Henri Frederic Amiel Having a thankful attitude is good for one's health. As a Harvard Health Publishing article said, “gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.” It also has good effects to the person receiving a thank you. To think that everything that you do has a ripple effect, that every word that you speak, every action that you make affects ...

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Best Ways To Teach Kids Financial Responsibility (Good Money Habits)

It’s heart-wrenching to tell your children that they can’t have this little pleasure because you cannot afford it.  The tendency of parents is to yield to their child's whims for as long as they can afford them.  But, this sometimes means tightening the belt a little or skimping on some other expense. It is not wrong to say, “no” once in a while.  In fact, even if you can afford these whims, it is recommended that you do not give in to your child’s every wish.  You’re not the fairy godmother or the genie in the lamp.  You need to make your children understand your financial status and in the process, they would learn the value of money. For a start, you should be able to show them that you ...

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