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How To Effectively Save Up for your Child’s First Property

So we're at this point where the kids wanted to move out. Even if you tell them that it's totally fine to stay, they would venture out into the world to be on their own. It's of course a decision that needs careful consideration and preparedness : mentally, emotionally, and financially. When starting out as a solo individual, whether it's better to rent a flat or buy depends on various factors, including one's financial situation, lifestyle preferences, and long-term goals. Here are some considerations to help you make an informed decision: Renting: Flexibility: Renting offers greater flexibility, allowing you to easily relocate for work or personal reasons without the commitment of ...

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Living With My Heart Outside My Body

“Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ” ― Elizabeth Stone This quote beautifully captures the profound emotional experience of becoming a parent, particularly as a mom, I've used this line often - in relation to my daughter. When you decide to have a child,  you are making a life-changing decision. The term "momentous" emphasizes the significance and magnitude of this decision. It's not something that should be taken lightly, as it will shape the course of your life in ways you can't fully anticipate. The phrase "to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your ...

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(Partial) Empty Nest Syndrome : Mixed Emotions When A Child Moves Out

Denial - this is probably my first reaction when my son told me that he would move out. It didn't happen soon but he has been looking for his own place for some time now. When he got his keys in June, we've been both so busy with two weddings, him working closing hours, losing our beloved ginger cat, and mostly doing other things at home. This week, he finally started to get things moving. After having painted the wall partially, and getting the floors oiled with the help of uncles and friends, he had his bed and a customized kitchen delivered to his place. We just need a professional electrician to put the kitchen all together (it costs a lot if IKEA would do it). The bed is now properly ...

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Photographing Kids For This Mother’s Memory Bank (A Letter To My Kids)

As a mom and a photography enthusiast, it is important for me to take your photos - be it candid, portraits, and sometimes even just your backs. As the years pass by, the vivid details of the moments we've shared, the laughter we've echoed, and the tender emotions we've felt may start to blur in the recesses of my mind. The sands of time have a way of gently erasing the finer nuances of our cherished experiences, leaving behind a soft and hazy memory. But within this inevitable ebb and flow of recollection, there lies a treasure trove of visual stories that will forever preserve the essence of our journey together. Photographs have the remarkable power to freeze a single heartbeat of time ...

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Environmental Games That Raise Awareness

Environmental games play a significant role in raising awareness about environmental issues, promoting sustainability, and encouraging positive behavioral changes. Here are some reasons why environmental games are important: Education and Awareness: Environmental games provide a fun and interactive platform to educate players about various environmental challenges, such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, and endangered species. They can effectively communicate complex concepts and scientific information in an engaging manner, helping players understand the importance of environmental conservation. Behavioral Change: Games have the potential to influence players' attitudes and ...

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Experiencing Depression in The Family

Depression caused by the pandemic refers to a state of low mood, sadness, and loss of interest or pleasure in activities that can be attributed to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This type of depression can be caused by a variety of factors related to the pandemic, such as social isolation, financial stress, uncertainty about the future, loss of loved ones, and the impact of lockdowns and restrictions on daily life. The pandemic has led to widespread disruption of daily routines and social interactions, which can have a significant impact on mental health. The isolation and loneliness caused by social distancing measures and lockdowns, coupled with the fear and uncertainty about the future, ...

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