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8 Benefits of Pets On Kids’ Overall Health

I grew up with lots of dogs in different stages of my childhood, well into my 20's. I love having dogs around but when I became a mother, pets were fish, a turtle, and more fish (which we really don't classify as pets as they can't be touched anyway). It wasn't until we cared for our aunt's cats that we decided to get our own cats, albeit adopted older. It's been 4 years and they've stolen our hearts since, they got us under their paws. It's true though that if we don't have cats at home, there'd be more money to save, there's more space on the bed, the house could be cleaner, but our hearts...oh our poor hearts would be a little less full. There's so much I could say about what differences ...

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7+ Fun Online Games for the Whole Family

  This generation definitely belongs to the online world. Books can now be read via readers, most of our childhood games are now online, and we've learned to love them too.  There are of course games and sports that are better played IRL but, with the restrictions placed, it is not as easy like before. While there's some ease up given regarding sports, we believe that we should still be careful out there. As with other things, there are safe games and others that are inappropriate for kids, it is always at their best interest for parents to look at what they play with. If you miss physical games with friends, here are some of the fun games you can play online, by yourself or with ...

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4 Best Ways to Teach Your Kids the Value of Real Estate and Investing

Money and the value of real estate may be a very adult topic for kids to learn early on in life. However, the famous line "all we really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be we learned in kindergarten" is true in many aspects. Aside from the basics of sharing, being kind to one another, cleaning up after ourselves, and living "a balanced life" of work, play, and learning, we can also teach kids a lot of other things from an early age. One of those is how to view money properly. It's not to make them look at money as more important than virtues, but that having and spending money should be viewed with a balanced outlook. We should teach kids about God and having good ...

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Fun Summer Giveaway: Nintendo Switch Lite!

Summer holidays are best spent in beaches, out in the sun, a beautiful city, or countryside, but with restrictions in place (depending on where you are and where you're going), most of us are spending days at home, doing staycations, biking around, and perhaps walking out a stretch for some movement. To take a break from books and summer heat playing out, most have been relying on gadgets to pass time. The Nintendo Switch and the Lite version has become the more popular gadgets for kids and adults alike since its release in 2017- topping best-selling lists the world over. It's also often cited as one of the best gifts on wishlists.   Nintendo Switch Lite A Nintendo Switch Lite ...

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The Top 3 Cars for Young Drivers

Whether your child has just turned 18, graduated from university, or is starting their first job, they’re going to want a car sooner or later (not toy cars ok?). In order to find a motor that’s gentle on your wallet as well as safe on the roads, there are a number of factors that you’re going to have to consider, not least the price. From fuel efficiency and reliability to looks and insurance costs, research is key if you want your child to be safe behind the wheel. Electronic stability, mileage and curtain airbags are some of the features you’ll want to look for when choosing a car for your child, as well as good crash test results. Your child may complain about the look of the car, but ...

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Kids Having Their Own ATM Card? When Is the Right Time?

This is a question most parents have. Technically, you can open a bank account in your child’s name when he reaches the minimum age required by the bank of your choice. So, it’s best to check with your local banks to find out what this age is. (Where we are, that's 14 and free of charges.) It’s never too early to set up a bank account for your child. In fact, a lot of parents open a separate account where they deposit the money their child receives, earns. So when is the right time for kids to have their own ATM Card (Automated Teller Machine card/debit card) ?  It’s not a particular age that you are looking for. It’s the level of your child’s financial maturity. As a parent, you can gauge ...

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