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Every Confection and Sweet Drink We Have Ever Tried

"There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” This quote is really famous you can see it on many printable items out there. That's why we're very grateful when friends gift us sweets (and sweetness). And while we don't indulge, we taste-test whenever we can. We have separate posts for Kitkat, Pocky, McDonald's and McCafé, and Magnum, but everything else - sweet treats and drinks, we feature here. And yeah, mom loves matcha very much! This post is updated every time we try new market release sweets (be it pastry, chocolate, cake, ice cream, candies)  and drinks or when friends gift us and we try it for the first time....or just when we remember to take a ...

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Send the Beloved Child on a Journey

かわいいこにはたびをさせよ。(Kawaii ko niwa tabi o saseyo) - Send the beloved child on a journey. The above is a Japanese quote that highlights letting a child develop independence and self-reliance than letting it grow up in a sheltered environment. If you've watched videos of kids in Japan going to school and back home by themselves, walking with some friends or taking the trains from a fairly long distance, that's the literal meaning to this quote. Japanese children are taught from an early age to walk out by themselves along with being careful when out in the streets, to respect surroundings, be respectful of people they meet out in the streets and in school. They also take turns serving food to ...

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How to Enjoy Food More : 6 Best Ways

"The health-related references in this article are not meant to be medical advise, please consult your doctor regarding your health." Baking is one of the many fun things the kids enjoyed back when they were younger. We still bake once in a while, but because we're trying to lower our carbohydrate intake, there's a limit to what we can make. Still, there's cooking to enjoy - especially during lockdowns when we have to not only be creative but also make use of food to keep ourselves healthy. Yes, there's truth to the quote "Let food be thy medicine," and because health starts with your gut. While food should not be used as a replacement for medicine, the quote means to eat nutritionally, so ...

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Tents and Tepees, Campers and Dens for Growing Kids, More Than Just Pretend Play

Kids love to pretend play, whether by imitating simple actions and manners, using toys as though they are real, by dressing up or with imagination boxes. All these kinds of pretend play is essential to a child's development as it gives them the chance to observe others and also stimulates creativity and thinking skills. It is thanks to creative furniture stores, our kids were able to pretend play with mini-appliances like kitchen blocks, kiddie tables and chairs, and even tents. These items tailored for kids made it easier for them to be mobile and do stuff with less hindrance (imagine tall chairs and big tables for short legs). Here are perhaps some of the best home integration, toys, and ...

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Best Chair Features For Long Sitting – Review of the Flexi-Chair BackSupport Office Chair BS1B

"We received this product for free to review but the opinions expressed here are our own." Sitting all day can't do good to your back. For the many months most of us have been at home, this holds true. Sitting long gives you backaches, your legs don't get enough stretch time, and if you have a not-so-good chair, it might lead to overall body ache - as one is connected to each. While a normal chair will work when you're eating, it will be detrimental for your health to sit long on such chair during classes or while drafting your plates, even when playing games. You've surely heard about the science of ergonomics and we might both agree that it's good to have one if your work require you ...

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7 Easy and Fun Fitness Activities For Kids That’s Also Enjoyable To Do As A Family

It's getting warm finally. There are a lot of activities we can now do that winter has stopped us from doing (but winter has a lot of activities too). Also, now that we've got our vaccines, and the restrictions are slowly being lifted, it's a summer that we can enjoy better than the last two years. We still take precaution of course. Putting masks on public transportation, washing hands and cleaning with alcohol often are now part of our everyday lives. We'll definitely be out to enjoy many things, while these aren't exactly exercises, these are fun fitness activities for kids that would make you sweat. What are our favorite things to do? Here's some: Trampoline This is not the ...

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