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How to Add Custom Fonts, The Best 5 WordPress Plugins

Do you really need custom fonts to make your website more appealing? Are typography and font choice important for a website? We believe so. And thank goodness, there are now a number of wordpress font plugin you can install to easily find the perfect font to use. So why are font choices, typography, and typeface given importance when creating a website? Simply put, you want readers to find the ease of readability, and depending on intent, you would want your website to be either fun or professional. Fonts along with colors and logos also dictate branding. You can use one font for everything on your site but that would seem boring. That's why font pairing is another thing that designers ...

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13 Easy DIY Projects to Do With The Kids At Home

We love IKEA, not just because of the meatballs, but the many things we can do after going for a visit. Coming home means there would be DIY projects to do with the kids for the day or days to come. IKEA is one of those places where we can not get out without buying a thing or two. Cute stuff, useful klumpert at home, items for storing toys, sometimes big items too that needs to be delivered. My daughter's very first IKEA buy was a black piggy bank we still use today. We would put in loose coins and would end up with 80€ minimum when it's full. Whichever we buy, the kids and I see to it that summer is spent buying stuff in IKEA to do some pretty things later. Here are some of the DIY ...

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Useful SVG Images and 20+ Crafting Tools – Creativity With Techie Kids

When the kids were much younger, we often had projects at home that involves paints, papers, stones, scissors, glues; the basic tools for crafting for kids. Nowadays, 3D prints, SVG images, punchers, and crafting tools that involve more complex processes are what we have. When they were younger and we find ourselves in bookstores, we don't only browse through the new books section, we also find our way to the craft area. My daughter and I would swoon over pretty papers and moleskins, the littlest boy would look at what new clay colors arrived, and the middle kid would happily gawk at stickers, hesitant to ask if he could buy some. Nowadays, we do buy marble papers, colored art pads, origami ...

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5 Fun Family Activities For The Winter

  Winter is well on its way, which means it's time for nature to slow down... It doesn't mean though that your family has to as well! Autumn has it's own fun, and taking photos was always a happy moment for me. But after all the different colored leaves dry up, white mantels the surroundings for new fun shots. Winter activities are both exciting and challenging to capture. Here are some suggestions of fun family activities for the winter you can do to create new memories at winter wonderland. Make sure the camera is charged and the memory card has plenty of room so the moments can be captured and shared with friends and family.   Play In The Snow Children adore the snow, ...

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Caring for Mobile Phones and Handset Batteries

Modern communications tools like the mobile phone have gone a long way from the bulky models that could only be used for calling or texting around two decades ago. Nowadays, one can easily get overwhelmed with the various features and applications found in mobile phones. Aside from call and text facilities, current models also feature cameras, radio or music player, internet access and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, calendars and organizers, games, video recorder and player, voice command and a lot more. It is not surprising that most people today consider the mobile phone as a basic necessity. As such, one must learn the basics in mobile phone care to ensure that these modern necessities are kept in ...

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Saving Money with Less-Priced Techie Products and Other Merchandise

Almost everyone is familiar with that feeling of wanting to get their hands on the latest gadget in town. Gadgets tend to increase their price as manufacturers increase their features. Sometimes, marketing can create an illusion of a differentiated product to justify the higher price, when there is actually no difference with its competing products. Just because a person can afford to buy the most expensive items for themselves or as gifts, doesn’t mean that he or she has to. There will be other things to spend on, things that are more important than the latest high-priced gadget. It is not necessary to ride the trend bandwagon even with so much money to spend. That is simply financially ...

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