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6 Woodshop Safety Tips for a Smooth Project

Most woodworkers use their craft for a bit of artistic escapism. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction one gets from creating a little bit of expert magic from husks of wood that ol’ Mother Nature gifted us. But that boost of well-being that comes from a successful project in the woodshop is not going to be obtainable — far from it — if a lax attitude in the shop leads to what should be an entirely avoidable injury. We are here to bang the drum and offer up some woodshop safety basics. And while these tips are geared toward amateurs, who often need to be goaded into opting for high-quality tools and ultra-sharp blades, it might do some good for professionals or veteran woodworkers to ...

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4 Fun Projects You Can Do Alongside Your Children

From boosting self-esteem to building fine motor skills, there are all sorts of great reasons why crafts are great for your kids. And, when you work on projects together as a family, the perks are even more remarkable. Sharing family time creates a stronger bond between children and their parents, enhances performance in school, and facilitates better communication between household members. Plus, young people who regularly spend quality time with their parents, doing things like crafting, are less likely to have behavioral problems. If you would like to work on projects with your kids, but are not quite sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place! Because, whether you are new to ...

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5 Best Tips for Starting a Weekly Music Showcase

  Not only should classical musicians be able to play well, they must also be able to promote and plan their own performances... But among those people who start to work in concert planning after studying music, many of them seem to quit because they were overwhelmed. They put on dark, plain clothes and stand in the dark behind the stage watching their friends and colleagues whom they studied with, perform on stage under the spotlight. And it's overwhelming to watch that. It's hard to let go of a dream you worked hard for. - Cha Young-In, Do You Like Brahms? (Kdrama) If you love music, chances are, you've learned an instrument or two, undertook voice lessons, and can actually ...

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Music Lessons for All Ages – 9 Best Reasons To Learn A Musical Instrument

When our daughter was younger, she would try everything she sets her mind to. First, she wanted to learn flute, so she did. She then wanted to learn how to play the piano, so she did. Then, she wanted to do jazz dance, and so she did. She was even in a play at Vienna's Akademietheater at one point, even for a no-dialogue character. Most of these were after school lessons, I would take her (with 2 boys along) to the classes and we would wait for her to finish. Sometimes, son no.1 would go and sit behind her to watch her play the piano (sometimes annoy her too). I asked the boys if they would also like to learn how to play the piano, but they declined. Later on, they would learn how to read ...

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8 Awesome Benefits of Pets On Kids’ Overall Health

I grew up with lots of dogs in different stages of my childhood, well into my 20's. I love having dogs around but when I became a mother, pets were fish, a turtle, and more fish (which we really don't classify as pets as they can't be touched anyway). It wasn't until we cared for our aunt's cats that we decided to get our own cats, albeit adopted older. It's been 4 years and they've stolen our hearts since, they got us under their paws. It's true though that if we don't have cats at home, there'd be more money to save, there's more space on the bed, the house could be cleaner, but our hearts...oh our poor hearts would be a little less full. There's so much I could say about what differences ...

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What’s New at McCafé and McDonald’s?

"Like our other "lists of new flavors" posts, this one gets updated when McDonald's cook something new or just when we feel like sharing our McDonald trips, lol." Cheesecake Bites  with Vanilla Sauce Deep-fried cheesecake pieces that comes with yummy vanilla sauce, the one we like with apfelstrudel. The BTS Meal BTS meal - a special menu promo of Chicken McNuggets (9/10 pieces), medium French fries, a medium Coca-Cola, and two spicy dipping sauces (Sweet Chili and Cajun). It's a collaboration with Korean band BTS, and was introduced for a limited time - on May 26, 2021 to June 20, 2021 in select countries. The pink-packaged Sweet Chili sauce has a sweet-and-sour plus chilli ...

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