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Becoming Wedding Ushers: 4 Essential Things To Think Of

You know how they say you'll do anything for the kids? Turned dressmaker because I can't find a peach dress for my daughter for a friend's wedding. So I made a dress from  combined fabrics: organza, chiffon, and cotton. The overall result isn't so "clean" but there's always room for improvement. I wasn't able to fix her hair before the ceremony but I made a doughnut bun before the reception started. Hubby and I were tasked to take the photos so it was a little hectic to say the least. The boys only needed a peach undershirt worn with their Barong, an embroidered long-sleeved formal shirt for men and a national dress of the Philippines. But because the boys decided to help their dad with ...

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Heads Up for A Nanny Cam in the House

A lot of dual income households are left with no other option except to leave their kids in the hands of a family care giver or a nanny. Even with meticulous screening and strong endorsements of referrals, parents couldn’t help worrying about their children. Thus, they end up checking on them from time to time. Monitoring Kids While at Work Parents nowadays can keep an eye on their kids through hidden cameras or nanny cameras aside from mobile phones and online chats. Having these surveillance devices around the house is quite common already. Then again parents should still consider their decision carefully before installing a hidden nanny camera at home. ...

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4 Points to Look at in Cultivating Green Habits for Techie Kids

The children of today can easily get caught up with modern inventions and gadgets that they might end up as being strangers to nature. One can never tell where the technological advancements will lead to, but people have long been aware of what will happen to the planet if the environment isn’t properly cared for. As such, parents should put effort in cultivating some green habits for techie kids’ everyday life and overall lifestyles. Education on Trash There are several eco-friendly practices that one can adopt for their homes. The most basic ones are those that involve recycling and reusing items around the house. This involves segregating and disposing trash properly so that it can be ...

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Cool Bunk Bed Inspiration for the Boys

Bunk bed with entertainment system We've been long wanting to redo the kids' bedroom. Given that the boys share bunkbeds, I had wanted a similar one as the below photo. And while browsing through pinterest and amazon, it makes me just want to DIY a bunk bed of our own. Bunk beds are space savers. The below photo is possible for 3 young ones sleeping on. The drawer below the bed has the same size as the bed and a mattress could fit in. So it could serve as a guest bed if the kids's friends are sleeping over. DIY Bunk Beds If you are wanting bunk beds for your kids, consider the option of  doing it yourself with the help of pinterest and youtube. :)  If you are not the crafty type, hire ...

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Four Mind-Blowing Ways Technology is Helping Beat Home Invasions

Home invasions and burglaries have always been problems homeowners worry about. The trauma that these violent crimes produce far outweighs the material loss. But fortunately, there are several technological innovations that can help prevent and reduce home invasions.   One weak spot of every home security system to date has been the inability of the homeowner to have total control. The great news is that wireless revolution has finally reached the home security industry. In the past decade, online technology has made it possible for home security to jump from hard-wired systems to customizable, sleeker profile wireless systems. Using the same technology that home Internet usage ...

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Logos and Images Emphasize Your Words and Company Brand

A picture definitely paints a thousand words (as we previously ellaborated here).  It also helps you drive your point across.  You can put emphasis on what you want to say to your audience with pictures/images. It's the same with logos. A logo helps a company promote public recognition. Nowadays, it has become synonymous to being a company's brand or trademark that everyone can easily identify to. This is the reason why I take a lot of photos, be it conceptual, landscape, architecture, and what else I can use for the blogs I manage.  I sometimes design logos too, the basic ones, when need be. So what are the ins and outs of using images and logos on a website or for your business? Find out ...

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