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5 Fun Family Activities For The Winter

  Winter is well on its way, which means it's time for nature to slow down... It doesn't mean though that your family has to as well! Autumn has it's own fun, and taking photos was always a happy moment for me. But after all the different colored leaves dry up, white mantels the surroundings for new fun shots. Winter activities are both exciting and challenging to capture. Here are some suggestions of fun family activities for the winter you can do to create new memories at winter wonderland. Make sure the camera is charged and the memory card has plenty of room so the moments can be captured and shared with friends and family.   Play In The Snow Children adore the snow, ...

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Caring for Mobile Phones and Handset Batteries

Modern communications tools like the mobile phone have gone a long way from the bulky models that could only be used for calling or texting around two decades ago. Nowadays, one can easily get overwhelmed with the various features and applications found in mobile phones. Aside from call and text facilities, current models also feature cameras, radio or music player, internet access and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, calendars and organizers, games, video recorder and player, voice command and a lot more. It is not surprising that most people today consider the mobile phone as a basic necessity. As such, one must learn the basics in mobile phone care to ensure that these modern necessities are kept in ...

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20+ Best Museums to Visit With Kids (Our List)

Which are the best museums to visit with kids? Depends on your kids interest, we say. For the creative minds, art museums will excite their young blood, for those who love music, music houses, musicians' birthplaces (turned museums) would be of great interest. For many years, we read that museums are a great way to foster learning. Sometimes though, we might think, what do kids really learn in museums? Or maybe we would think, "maybe they just get entertained when visiting one?" Well, by definition, learning is the acquisition of knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, attitudes, and preferences through study, experience, or being taught. We may say that kids do pick up parts of these aspects ...

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4 Best Tips to Saving Money with Less-Priced Techie Products and Other Merchandise

Almost everyone is familiar with that feeling of wanting to get their hands on the latest gadget in town. Gadgets tend to increase their price as manufacturers increase their features. Sometimes, marketing can create an illusion of a differentiated product to justify the higher price, when there is actually no difference with its competing products. Just because a person can afford to buy the most expensive items for themselves or as gifts, doesn’t mean that he or she has to. There will be other things to spend on, things that are more important than the latest high-priced gadget. It is not necessary to ride the trend bandwagon even with so much money to spend. That is simply financially ...

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Becoming Wedding Ushers: 4 Top / Essential Things To Think Of

You know how they say you'll do anything for the kids? Turned dressmaker because I can't find a peach dress for my daughter for a friend's wedding. So I made a dress from  combined fabrics: organza, chiffon, and cotton. The overall result isn't so "clean" but there's always room for improvement. I wasn't able to fix her hair before the ceremony but I made a doughnut bun before the reception started. Hubby and I were tasked to take the photos so it was a little hectic to say the least. The boys only needed a peach undershirt worn with their Barong, an embroidered long-sleeved formal shirt for men and a national dress of the Philippines. But because the boys decided to help their dad with ...

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Heads Up for A Nanny Cam in the House

A lot of dual income households are left with no other option except to leave their kids in the hands of a family care giver or a nanny. Even with meticulous screening and strong endorsements of referrals, parents couldn’t help worrying about their children. Thus, they end up checking on them from time to time. Monitoring Kids While at Work Parents nowadays can keep an eye on their kids through hidden cameras or nanny cameras aside from mobile phones and online chats. Having these surveillance devices around the house is quite common already. Then again parents should still consider their decision carefully before installing a hidden nanny camera at home. ...

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