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Setting up Shop Online

  It seems like most everyone has spent their work day at one point or another, dreaming about being their own boss, perhaps for additional income or be with the kids more while still earning for them. Maybe you have a product idea that you know is new and inventive, or you have a better way of doing something already out there, maybe a really beneficial game for kids or an educational toy. But you have dreamed about opening your own business, only to go back to work.   But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this digitally driven world, you can create your own business in the comfort of your home without a whole lot of stress. Creating your own business starts with having a ...

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Educating Your Child with a Rubik’s Cube

Did you know that there is one solution out of 43 quintillion possible combinations for the Rubik’s Cube? I don’t even have an idea how many zeroes there are in a quintillion! In fact, Erno Rubik, the man behind the cube that changed the world, spent a month of solid research to try to figure out the solution. However, the colorful puzzle that consis Most Popular toy ts of small blocks rotating on a central axis is touted as the most popular toy in history. Just think, ever since Rubik conceptualized it nearly 40 years ago, it has sold an estimated 350 million units! To think that he invented it as a mere teaching aid for his small class of design students so they can understand ...

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Visit Museums with the Children, 4 Top Things to Consider

  Why should you visit museums with the children? Museums are old, sometimes have funny smells in them, and you're not allowed to make noises nor touch stuff on display, kids would just find them boring. True, some points are true, kids will definitely be bored if you bring them to museums. And still, why should you visit museums with the children? Because MUSEUMS ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY and SPARKS CURIOSITY, and museums bring them closer to history. These are just some of the many reasons why parents should visit museums with the children. Apart from teaching them patience and following rules within the museum walls. Visiting museums is not like a walk at the park. If you plan on ...

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Time Out: 6 Awesome Things To Do with Techie Kids

School has started in this region. That means half a day, sometimes more hours spent in school, gaining knowledge and experience for the little ones. An old adage goes “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy…” so as a mom, I find that it is but right to balance school schedule and kids’ play and other activities. Here are some ideas for you and your kids to try.   1. Museums and Doodling  There are a lot of museums catering for the mini-Picassos and mini-Van Gogh’s. They offer activities especially tailored for the creative, exploring little hands. After a tour of an exhibit and answering questions from the museum tour guide, they will have enough inspiration and have seen a lot of ...

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Storing Toys, 5 Best Ways To Teach Kids

For mothers, it is always a good feeling to see their kids playing around at home or in other places designed for recreational activities. Play forms a big part in children's progressive growth and development. It is essential in forming their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. Seeing the kids having fun and in full gaiety is perhaps one of the best feelings a mother could have. But you perhaps also experience the dilemma tidying clutters around the house during their playtime. More often than not, I go after their mess and it has become very taxing indeed. But recently, I learned that there are actually effective ways to address this problem with your kids’ clutters. Based ...

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Saving Some Time When Ordering Microscope Accessories

  Buying microscope accessories has gotten a great deal easier in the last few years, but there are a few caveats people still fall into. Many times a person will wait for a package to come in the mail only to find out the parts they ordered don't fit the microscope they own. This is an especially big problem when a project deadline is rearing its ugly head, but fortunately it's easy to prevent these headaches by double-checking the existing scope. Many eyepieces are interchangeable as far as size goes, but some owners neglect to make sure that the magnification of their replacement eyepiece is the same as the original one. While few people might give it much thought, the eyepiece ...

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