Rubik’s cube

I was 7 when my dad gave me my first Rubik’s cube as a pasalubong. If I remember correctly, he came home from the Netherlands.  I was fascinated having seen the Magic cube for the first time and it came from Europe too! I considered it an expensive toy then so I rarely got to tinker with it, lol. Fast forward 23 years later and I gave my then 4.5-year-old son his first Rubik’s cube. He showed much interest with puzzles and mind games and I’m taking advantage of that. You might recall also my last entry for Toy Story is a sliding puzzle, that and this cube and a handful more are my gifts to him. It’s also to enhance his thinking ability.

Little boy was sleeping earlier so I wasn’t able to take a video of him doing the cube…well, he can only finish one face and half of 4 more now. For today, kuya is the willing participant for the video; he finished the orange face first.

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10 Replies to “Rubik’s cube”

  1. Galing naman! We have one like that before but it’s not really for little kids, they broke it wahhh.

    My Orange

  2. wow~ sis you have a genius kids!! I can solve that toy kahit isang side lang 🙁

    ahhahaah!! my brother inlaw can do all the colors eh galing! 🙂

    hope my kids would love that too…one time kasi bingyan ko nag init ang ulo kaya binawi ko na ;))

    thanks for joining sis!

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