Sliding puzzle


If the kids got their liking to video games from their dad, I could fairly say they got the liking for mind games from me.  ^_^ I like these kinds of traditional games…well, you can play this too on a Nintendo DS but holding a puzzle slider in your hand is a lot different. My five-year-old started with these games before he was four and he can now easily solve an 8-cube slide. He is also able to finish one face and half of 4 faces of the rubik’s cube, but I will show that later on.


A giant Ostrich-sliding puzzle I finished at the Schönbrunn Zoo.


Below is a video of the little boy finishing up the puzzle:





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4 Replies to “Sliding puzzle”

  1. may timer ba? at talagang gigil na gigil. easy lang for dani, just like a rattle, shake shake shake! hehehe…miss u! 🙂

  2. wow galing!! alam mo hirap n hirap ako sa gnyan :)) ahhahaha mas mahirap yang gnyang puzzle eh…:))
    Tahnks for joining!!! see you again next week 😀

  3. Ang galing! I love puzzles too. It made me feel good when I finished one side of the Rubik’s cube as well. hehe! Sorry for the late visit. Here’s my share . Thanks and see you around!

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