We are Techie kids. We enjoy play, games, science, sports, and other activities that stimulate thinking.

6 Creative Cardboard Box Activities With Kids

There's just something with cardboard boxes that kids love as cats do. While it is a refuge for cats, a big box is a great way for techie kids to get creative and have endless imaginative play. There are many things you can do with a box, but with minimal cutting, some designing, and the kids' participation, you all can have fun while encouraging them to be creative. The idea came after we saw this photo of them in a pull cart, they remembered how fun it was being pulled on while looking at zoo animals. Here are some of the basic, less complicated ideas you can do. Cat Boxes Well, just let them be cats, let them into the box and see how they would climb out, or just stay there. ...

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Baking Brownies and Cupcakes with the Kids

Whenever I buy things at the grocery I see to it that I get the exact amount of change that I should. You say, how cheap, what's 0.01 cent? Well, if the cashier is friendly I let her have it, but if the person looks deliberately keeping it, I take it...why you ask? A hundred times 0.01 is 1€...and I'm sure that's just not how many people buy from a grocery store...if the cashier takes 0.02 cents, that would be doubled.   I'm saying this because I knew of some people around who does cheat. Too strong a word but that's how it is. They cheat to get a lot more...and it's those little things that annoy me. Something small when put together becomes big....does ring a bell, right? So ...

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Techie Kids and Not-so-Techie Mom says Hello!

Being a techie means more than just loving computers and gadgets and tinkering with the phone.  Those are part of the story, yes, but there's a lot more to it than that. A techie kid has unparalleled curiosity about how things work; that may be computers, elevators, a lamp even how plants grow. They are born in a world full of mechanical and digital devices, and all these picqued their interest...often asking the question "how." As a mom of techie kids I need to be ready with an answer when the questions "how" and "why" are raised. I won't assume that I know all the answers but I'd surely try my best. Techie Dad While dad in the advertising arts, he is also well-versed in electronics, ...

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