Wall climbing

I’ve always wanted to go wall climbing even when I was still single. I even registered for the Mountaineering Club back in college to experience both mountain and wall climbing but it never materialized. Imagine my delight when I found that there’s a wall climbing area at the Family Fun Park. There’s a separate area for toddlers and bigger kids and for adults too. The toddler’s wall is of course the most colorful, the climbing stones shaped into fishes and padded so the fingers won’t hurt as little kids hold on to them.

One good reason I wanted to wall climb is the fact that it helps one to lose weight. (As other sports combined with exercise training and cardio too, Iguess.) What I enjoy about this is it can be done indoors, this one of a kind activity burns about 380 calories in 30 minutes. It is an overall body workout because one uses the power of both the upper and lower body when he/she climbs.

The older kids got to try the bigger wall too!  See, they’re completely geared with a harness too. I didn’t worry about their climbing as the attendants seem to be able when it comes to this. Below is the hubby’s epic failure in climbing and going down technique. lol.

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  1. At first I thought it was a mat and after a little double-take… whoa!… that is one helluva cool wall! It’s great for encouraging kids to start fun climbing. That other photo with your girl on the wall — great action shot. And your hubby’s fail… well now. LoL. Great photos/vid! And thanks for coming to my Colorful Weekend #1 Party!

  2. I have tried wall climbing once during our team building.It’s tiring and dapat full effort talaga. But once you reached the top, the feeling is awesome! I want to try it again,mas masaya nga siguro kung kasama mga kids para bonding time na rin 😀

    My Colorful Weekend post is up here. 😀

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