Cultivating Green Habits for Techie Kids


The children of today can easily get caught up with modern inventions and gadgets that they might end up as being strangers to nature. One can never tell where the technological advancements will lead to, but people have long been aware of what will happen to the planet if the environment isn’t properly cared for. As such, parents should take some time to inculcate some green habits in their techie kids’ lifestyle.

green techie kids

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There are several eco-friendly practices that one can adopt for their homes. The most basic ones are those that involve recycling and reusing items around the house. This involves segregating and disposing trash properly so that it can be used for some other purpose. One can also teach their children about some practical recycling practices that will help them raise funds or earn cash in the process. Having a garage sale or selling old items to thrift shops and other second hand merchants is one way to get some cash out of your trash. They can go to specialized shops for valuable items like an old mobile phone for instance. Those who want to sell mobile phones can look at recycling sites that offer competitive prices for used phones. Ideally, these are sites or shops with a strong business background, extensive reach, fast and convenient procedures, and a reputation for eco-friendly practices. Older kids who are well versed in the internet can use their techieskills in scouting for online sites that buy mobile phones and other used gadgets.

Another green habit that kids can learn is energy and water conservation. Turning off the lights when no one is in the room or preventing the water from running while washing hands or brushing teeth are simple practices that can be included in day to day living. Scheduling some time off from their gadgets or the television is also a great option to save on energy. Parents can also take these gadget time-outs as opportunities to get the kids closer to nature by scheduling a day in the park or the beach.

As parents start to sow these green habits into their children’s lifestyle, they should also impart the value or importance of these practices to their future and that of the generations to come.

Hopefully, these efforts will help grow environmentally responsible children in a technologically advanced world.


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