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Canon Eos 7D

We were weighing our options between the 7D and the 5D Mark II for the past month but hubby decided to get the former, mostly for its video capability features. When  I look at the 400D beside the 7D, it seems like  a toy dwarfed by the size of the latter. The buttons would also intimidate one who is used with lesser functions (read: me). Key features of this model: Canon 18-megapixel APS-C size CMOS image sensor full HD video capture @ 1920x1080 (720p and VGA sizes also available) Dual Digic 4 processors, EF/EFS lens mount 3.0-inch LCD with 920K pixels 8 frames per second burst mode completely redesigned AF system and viewfinder wireless flash control high ...

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Exploring The Philippines With Kids : Best Things To See and Do (Luzon)

Visiting the Philippines is very different from visiting Paris or Singapore. A week is not enough, and there's just a lot more to do and see, and lots of people to meet. It's our home country after all. Bringing the kids on a 14-hour plane ride can surely be tiring, but it's of course worth it all. Letting them have a change of atmosphere, introducing them to our friends and their families and them making new friends. There's also nothing better than knowing one's roots. While it may not be possible to meet all of the relatives nor remember each of their names, it's enough for the kids to know that they have family on this side of the world. Now, how do you go about exploring the ...

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The iPhone 4

The Iphone 4 is definitely thinner than the previous version. The built and style as we know is slick and very classy to look at. Its polished stainless steel bound by sleekly laminated layers of glass makes other phones look yesteryear's choice. The additional front-facing, VGA (640×480) camera is interesting, well I won't use it that much anyway. Still with the new 5 megapixel, 720p video camera and LED flash, I say I'd prefer a Sony Ericsson's for picture quality. Wait until you get apps for photoediting like PS Express, OldPhoto, Instagram and Tiltshift to name a few, you'd have fun editing as I do, for sure. Pros: really attractive design high  and clear resolution display iOS ...

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Plants vs. Zombies

It's late but I'm still up, ask why...I'm still having jetlag from out flight. The hubby is still up, playing and perhaps trying to be one of those zombies. He's been going on like this for days since he discovered this addicting game. I say addicting because my kids are hooked in this too. Despite my warnings because I really don't like them playing such games, the kids told me how the game is played, showed me how they kill zombies and what would happen if they aren't successful. As a game lover and one who doesn't believe in ghosts or the dead coming back alive and one who abhors spiritism, I am torn. Honestly, I am so not recommending this game, especially to kids. And because it is ...

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Mini Marathon For Kids and Other Fun Activities

We enjoyed a day out in the sun,  our now 9-year-old daughter said she wanted to try running the BIC kids race. It's a 700-meter mini-marathon for kids aged 8-9 years, and so we registered her for it.  Before and after the race, the kids enjoyed other games too. We also met with a friend and her daughter so they enjoyed the games together. There were free balloons, even free cornflakes given out by the Kellogs Tiger Mascot. The race and the event was held at the Prater Allee, near the Stadium. Blowing Bubbles Which child would say no to blowing bubbles? The kids get to try blowing big bubbles - it's a good lung exercise and it's fun to follow the bubble you create around until it ...

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