Mini Monet: More Fun and Learning for Little Artists


Fun and learning is always a good combination in honing a child’s skills. This is why most parents choose educational toys and apps for their kids. A popular tool that parents can use to help kids develop their creative skills is an art app for gadgets and smart phones. In this field, the Mini Monet Creative Studio and Art Club for Kids offer more than just the average art application.

This virtual studio and gallery can be your little artist’s first step in becoming a future Monet. Its intuitive design and technical quality makes it easy for kids to draw, color, create, and showcase their artwork. One basic feature of an art app is a blank page or canvass where kids can express their creative ideas. This is also available in the Mini Monet app along with coloring pages, stamps, and stickers. Young kids who are in the process of developing their fine motor skills can make use of the Magic Pencil tool to help them stay inside the lines and enjoy coloring the pictures. Older kids around 6 to 8 years old can have fun creating their own art work or in tackling the weekly challenges. Once the artwork is done, they can save it and share it with members of the Art Club, pretty much like artists showcasing their work in art galleries. This app is covered by parental controls and privacy policy so that the kids can work in a safe environment when using the Mini Monet Art Club feature.

Another feature that kids will enjoy with this app is the Art Store. Kids can earn coins by opening the app, finishing an art work, sharing their work, and appreciating the work of others. Coins earned can be used to purchase additional content from the Art Store. The Mini Monet Creative Studio and Art Club for Kids is an engaging app with different levels of fun. It is a great tool for encouraging creativity, at the same time it can also promote social skills and boost esteem with little artists appreciating each other’s work of art.


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