A Learning Sort of Fun from TinyHands Sorting App


Children, especially toddlers, can learn a lot through play. Nowadays, finding ways to educate kids while at play is easier because of the wide range of educational toys available in the market. Mobile phones and tablets can also be equipped with educational apps that parents can play with their kids while on the go. One such app is the TinyHands Sorting App for iPad, a sorting and classifying game that can help hone Math skills for the kids.

TinyHands Sorting game is designed for children aged 2.5 years and above. It features 12 game boards set in different environments that the children can relate to. Each board focuses on basic concepts like shapes, colors, animals, vehicles, seasons, and others. These boards are arranged in ascending order of difficulty which makes it easier for parents to observe their child’s progress. Kids can enjoy exploring the different environments and sorting items in it.

Sorting games are set on the airport, swamp, on the road and in the sky, and meadow. Kids can also be exposed to arts, music and different seasons through the Instruments page where they are tasked to sort painting and music instruments, and the Seasons wear page that makes them sort winter and summer clothes. Games that classify objects according to shape, color, location, or purpose are also found in different settings. These include beach, kitchen and bath, star and circle screen, bats and hats screen, three colors screen and different items screen.

This iPad game can help develop early math skills in children and enhance other skills like hand-eye coordination, visual perception, concentration and vocabulary. It’s a handy and engaging game that parents can always bring around to keep the kids entertained during long drives or while waiting their turn on doctor and dentist appointments.

More importantly, parents can be confident that playing with this app is a learning experience for their kidsbecause it is designed in consultation with certified child psychologists and educators. This game is fun and easy enough for the kids to be able to enjoy it on their own. But parents should also remember that playing along with their child is the best way to maximize the benefits of this app.


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