Four Mind-Blowing Ways Technology is Helping Beat Home Invasions

Four Mind-Blowing Ways Technology is Helping Beat Home Invasions

Home invasions and burglaries have always been problems homeowners worry about.

The trauma that these violent crimes produce far outweighs the material loss. But fortunately, there are several technological innovations that can help prevent and reduce home invasions.

One weak spot of every home security system to date has been the inability of the homeowner to have total control. The great news is that wireless revolution has finally reached the home security industry. In the past decade, online technology has made it possible for home security to jump from hard-wired systems to customizable, sleeker profile wireless systems. Using the same technology that home Internet usage possible, home security professionals have created multiple ways to keep homeowners safe.

Here are four ways technology has evolved to help homeowners protect what they love:

1.      Expandable Security That Can Meet Homeowners’ Needs

Traditional home security systems hard-wired and cannot be expanded without a visit from a security professional. In contrast, LifeShield wireless home security can offer homeowners a system that can be customized to fit their changing needs – even if they are making a big change, such as moving across the country. Now homeowners can take their system with them if they choose to move, and go on to use it in their next home.

2.      Remote Video Monitoring and Recording

There’s nothing more powerful in catching criminals than video evidence. Thanks to home security technology, video monitoring and recording aren’t just for corporate offices or stores anymore. No matter the size of a home, homeowners can set up wireless video cameras that are discreet and effective using online technology.

With a low profile, they fit anywhere a homeowner wants to monitor – like the front door or mudroom. Video feeds from in-home security cameras can be streamed live online and recorded remotely.

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3.      Remote Management Options

When going on extended trips, many homeowners have the added stress of what they are going to do with the house while they’re gone. These days, however, the Internet is an ally in the battle to make your home burglar-proof.  Home security system industry leaders have incorporated remote system controls using password encrypted websites. These online control stations allow homeowners the power to engage. They also shut off or trigger their alarm systems away from home.

4.      Mobile Home Security Apps

Mobile technology has created a new market for home security companies who want to offer their clients cutting-edge protection. Mobile apps afford homeowners the power to customize their security plans while they’re away, easily and effectively. Free mobile apps such as the LifeView app from LifeShield can turn any Smartphone into a real burglar-buster.

Nothing will get rid of burglary and home invasions forever, but technology can certainly better your odds. Modern security can now give homeowners what they’ve always wanted – worry-free vacations and more relaxed extended trips from home.

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Ted Kellerhouse is a recent graduate who is pursuing a career in law. He is interested in criminal justice and crime prevention. He blogs about crime and security on the side while he plans to start law school next year.

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