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In this age of portable video games consoles, buying and giving traditional games as gifts may seem outdated or unappreciated by techie kids. Truth is, there are a lot more interesting and engaging games that kids who spent most of their time pushing those buttons will enjoy. Browsing an online store, I found a few toys that my kids would surely love; indoor and outdoor.

1. Sherlock for the little detective. Hubby and I enjoy reading mystery books and watching investigative TV shows and movies. Sherlock Holmes as a book and the film adaptation are both sure hits. My kids got that knack too, enjoying as we do; the anime Detective Conan (Case Closed). More than just a memory game, Sherlock tests a child’s ability to deduct.

Gameplay: As Sherlock goes around and searches the clues, every player tries to remember each of the eight objects hidden in a facedown circle of cards. Then, Sherlock travels from one card to another. Each time Sherlock stops at a facedown card, the player has to remember which object is on that card. Sherlock continues to move, as long as the player guesses correctly. If Sherlock travels to a face-up card, then the player gets to keep that card. The first player to collect six cards wins.

2. Automoblox Mini Hot Rod for the little car lover. The husband like to tinker with all things tinkerable. It could be the electric fan, his PCs, old toys and yes, mini-cars…there was an era when we would buy Tamiya RCs and other models and he would go about practicing with it after assembly.

To this day, his interest are with RC helicopters. My boys took on this interest and though theirs are not as complicated, lego toys and other building blocks I bought them get shaped into cars, plane and other vehicle they could think of.

Automoblox will be a sure boys’ favorite as it sparks the kids curiosity on how a car is designed…perhaps making them wonder too how they function. It is always good to make kids start early in life, in this case, to be fascinated with car mechanism.

3. Perler beads for the creative mind. My daughter loves this perler beads even as a youngster. She would use matching colors to make her favorite figures like cats, dogs, a girl in dress on a pegboard and make me iron them.

This bucket of a bigger version seem more appropriate for younger kids to teach them colors and counting too. The bucket comes with many colored beads both light and dark so kids have can make more out of them. Though these beads might not stick together like the smaller ones when ironed, I suggest it is still good to try.

zipfy mini luge blue4. Sledding fun. For kids down under, the Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled is perfect for the upcoming snowdays fun! This piece has been inspired by the Olympic sport of luge and coal shovel racing. I’ve watched video, a total of about 6 minutes using this plastic snow sled and I can that it is safe, easy to learn and use for a very exhilarating downhill sport!

Accordingly, its compact, lightweight feature and being very maneuverable in turns and its capability to handle all types of terrain make it a favorite even among adults.  Its feet-first design make it easy for braking too.

We’ve always had the traditional sleds, I think this would be fun to try come winter!

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3 Responses

  1. Dhadha says:

    The perler beads is perfect for my daughter! She likes to create different figures esp flowers and animals. I bet she will love this. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Herbert says:

    Seeing these toys reminds me of my childhood where toys are very elusive for us 🙁

  3. Techie Liz says:

    Great toys. I’m considering Automoblox as a good gift for little boys. 🙂

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