We are Techie kids. We enjoy play, games, science, sports, and other activities that stimulate thinking.

Little Big Planet 101

One of the games I gave the kids a go signal to play is Little Big Planet. They get to be creative choosing or making a character and the fun starts then and there. So you need to create a character from a Sackboy  or Sackgirl - named such for having a texture akin to a sack -- they actually look embroidered and I've attempted to create one over the years. No luck...or no time. There are a lot of real video game characters that players have tailored. There's Cloud from Final Fantasy, there's Sephiroth and Reno too. There's Snake of Metal Gear Solid, Mario, Wolverine, Spiderman, or the lead in Assasin's Creed. Our favorite of course would be from another favorite game, Locoroco. I actually ...

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Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit

We've had the board and the Wii Fit game for some time now but I haven't really written a review about it. Three words, We love it! Hubby and I enjoys it both, I could do step dance, hula hoops and yoga while he goes snowboarding, his favorite sport....see below he would even gear up for the feel...despite being at home. :) As promised, the Wii Balance board helps those who wants to improve posture. The idea behind the board, which appears like a bathroom scale is to detect the COB (center of balance) of the user. Once detected one continues to play games that focuses on the cob thereby improving posture...This follows medical findings that having good posture and balance makes one ...

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Techie Kids and Not-so-Techie Mom says Hello!

Being a techie means more than just loving computers and gadgets and tinkering with the phone.  Those are part of the story, yes, but there's a lot more to it than that. A techie kid has unparalleled curiosity about how things work; that may be computers, elevators, a lamp even how plants grow. They are born in a world full of mechanical and digital devices, and all these picqued their interest...often asking the question "how." As a mom of techie kids I need to be ready with an answer when the questions "how" and "why" are raised. I won't assume that I know all the answers but I'd surely try my best. Join us as we play games, rate them, see what's new in the gadget world, review movies ...

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