We are Techie kids. We enjoy play, games, science, sports, and other activities that stimulate thinking.

Sliding Puzzle

  If the kids got their liking to video games from their dad, I could fairly say they got the liking for mind games from me.  ^_^ I like these kinds of traditional games...well, you can play this too on a Nintendo DS but holding a puzzle slider in your hand is a lot different. My five-year-old started with these games before he was four and he can now easily solve an 8-cube slide. He is also able to finish one face and half of 4 faces of the rubik's cube, but I will show that later on. Below is a video of the little boy finishing up the puzzle: ---For: ...

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Tennis weekend – Benefits of Playing Tennis For Kids

What we love to do aside from playing games is playing Tennis (well, we play that too - Wii!). For this week we played a real game at the gym across where we live. We had a trainer who showed us and taught us the moves, the right way of holding a racket and other tips. Well, since we play this every summer it was easy for him to teach us, he said. Little boy was not with us because he preferred staying at home with daddy, I tried convincing him but he said he wouldn't want to. After I showed him the photos he said he'd like to play tennis too! lol. Summer is definitely just around the corner, we look forward to the things that we're gonna be doing. We haven't planned on an out-of-town ...

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Little Big Planet 2

A few days ago, little boy saw an ad at the bus station depicting the release of Little Big Planet 2. So Daddy finally got the game and the kids were excited. Here's a clip of their first test run of the game. Little Big Planet is a direct sequel to the very-well loved 2008 title LittleBigPlanet and the third game in the series following the PSP version released in 2009. If you've played both you'll know that users can crate levels and of the more than 3 million levels created by users in the first game carry-over and are playable and editable in LittleBigPlanet 2. ...

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HTC 7 Mozart with Windows Phone 7 series

The hubby made this phone review, I found it in his youtube channel. I didn't gave much attention to it back then. I think he made this for the company he's working with because he didn't get this phone nor an htc desire hd but rather an Iphone 4. HTC 7 Mozart with Windows Phone 7 series : Video by hubby. HTC Mozart is amongst the first smartphones to embrace the promising Windows Phone 7 operating system. The phone's name was quipped from the famous musician as it aims to give users a really enjoyable music experience. Coupling this is its photography feature. It comes with an 8MP camera with a useful Xenon flash, Dolby Mobile and SRS features, 8GB of storage along an aluminum body, and ...

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For the Love of Everything Japanese

We did say that we love games, whether it's handy game consoles or video games, board games, and even mind games. That love for games extends to merchandise, movies and TV shows, and of course, the language those movies and shows are in: Japanese. To say it short, we love everything Japanese: be it the language, food, klumpert, anime, manga, and their culture. So we're really grateful when friends gift us with mementos, goodies, and what-have-you Japanese stuff when they visit or sent through the post. We were also able to go to the Aninite, a meeting point for the fans and those interested about Japanese stuff and pop culture in Vienna and abroad, more like a Comic con of sorts. Truth be ...

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