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There is no need for the little ones to feel left out in the world of gadgets when there are websites, game sites and smart phone applications that they can use. Kids can start fiddling with desktop computers, with the assistance of their parents or care giver, as early as age two or three years old. Educational websites that teach phonics, numbers and letters have online activities that are similar to the ones of highly recommended electronic toys only better because the graphics are livelier. The same goes for latest gadgets that offer a variety of apps for the littlest ones.

One entertaining game that is fit for the tots is the Bubble Popper. The rules are simple enough to comprehend and the colorful and realistic graphics are enough to give the kids a surreal experience in bubble popping. This app may also be used to familiarize the kids with numbers and the concept of addition and subtraction. Another simple and fun smart phone application is the doodle buddy. Kids and adults alike can enjoy painting with their fingers in this app. Users can combine stamps, doodles, and stencils to create their own art work. They may even use their pictures as a backdrop or draw some funny features on their photo, i.e. beard, mustache, or glasses. The whole family can get their fingers moving and create a family art exhibit as a result of bonding over gadgets.

However, not all apps with simple mechanics are fit for the little ones. The paper toss is one such application. The task required is to shoot crumpled paper to the waste basket by swiping or flicking the screen. It’s pretty much like what one would do when he gets bored in the office except that this game is more exciting. There are various levels of difficulties and the added complication of a desk fan that blows out air in different speeds and directions. Kids may be equipped with the skills to fare well in this game but the comments that result from missing a shot is simply not for the children’s ears.

Just like in watching movies or TV shows, parents should also be able to regulate the apps that are downloaded in their kids’ gadgets. There are apps for all ages, apps for kids and apps for adults, Families may also share apps moments together with fun and wholesome games like bubble popper and doodle buddy.


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