Apps that are (still) enjoyable for Kids

pocket frogs app

Keeping the balance between academic and leisure activities is made easy through gadget apps that can be downloaded in your Androids and Smartphones. There are several apps for kids that enable kids to gain information and learn new skills while having fun. Here are some noteworthy apps that are popular with kids then until today.

 Pocket Frogs. This cute and entertaining game can teach some life lessons like responsibility, goal setting and strategy while having fun with colorful amphibians. The objective of the game is for the player to earn money by breeding and selling frogs. Players can keep their frogs happy by feeding them with flies. It runs on real time so it’s like owning a virtual pet that one has to check on from time to time.

dinosaurs app, enjoyable for Kids

Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History and Collections is a great way to educate the kids about pre-historic creatures and fossils. It is interactive and full of facts that one can easily get lost in the tidbits embedded in the over 1,000 images in the T-Rex Mosaic. Parents can encourage their kids to learn more about Paleontology by clicking on the images together with the kids.

cut the rope. enjoyable for Kids

Cut the rope. This is one of the most popular apps downloaded by kids and adults alike. The game features a cute little green monster who loves to eat candies. The objective of the game is to feed him with as many sweets as the player is able to navigate to his mouth. This can be done by swiping the screen to cut the rope or tapping buttons to maneuver bubbles that contain candies. Timing is essential in this game since ropes must be cut just in time to fall right into Om Nom’s mouth to score. It also offers great puzzles and challenging levels that can test the motor skills, hand eye coordination and problem solving skills of the children.

These apps can be good for kids if used properly and with the guidance of parents. Just like in everything else in life, moderation is the key. The lessons and skills that the children can pick up from these applications are just a fraction of what they need to learn in life.


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