Life360: 24/7 Buddy for Keeping Tabs on the Kids


A typical mom’s day starts out by getting everyone in the family ready to go out for their daily activities. As soon as everyone is out of the door, parents can only hope that nobody gets into trouble and that they all get back home safely. With today’s mobile technology, parents are able to keep in touch with their kids through texts or calls every time they leave the house. Those who like to keep close tabs on their kids can make an easier job out of it through the Life 360 Family Locator app.


gives mommy less worry

This mobile phone application allows users to share their location with selected family or friends. It combines messaging, check-ins, and location sharing in one app. Parents can easily check their children’s whereabouts by glancing at the Life 360 map, no need to text or wait for a response to know if they have arrived at their destination. It is also quite secure because mutual consent is needed for location and message sharing.  Information is viewed exclusively by users in the same circle. One can choose the people in their circle by invitation and be included in the group once they accept the invitation. It features check-in messages to let others know that you have arrived safely, chat or group messages, automated alert on favorite locations, crime alert, and emergency button. This app is quite handy for moms who get some peace of mind knowing that their kids are safe and exactly where they should be. However, it is not exclusive for family members only. One can create separate circles for friends, relatives or even nannies and caregivers.

Parents simply have to download and install the application in the phones, then create and account. Everyone that they wish to track need to sign-in for the locator to work. Users who sign out from the account can no longer be tracked. Aside from being able to keep an eye out for family and friends, this app can also be used to trace phones that are lost or stolen. The life 360 is a great app for moms who want to check-on their kids without nagging. It’s free, easy to use and available 24/7.


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