Heights of Fun with Helicopter Taxi


Before the video games and consoles have been around children used their imagination in playing with their toy cars and airplanes. But since nothing is virtually impossible nowadays, Toca Toca AB brings an app that combines classic pretend play of a toy helicopter and the animation of video games like the the Helicopter Taxi. This app transforms your phone into a toy that adds dimension in a classic pretend play with an inanimate object.

The Helicopter Taxi features a 3-D helicopter that can be viewed in different angles. You can change the view and make the helicopter move by moving the iPhone or iPod Touch. Set it down on a flat surface and you’ll see the top view of the chopper and a helipad where one can drop off and pick up passengers. Pick it up again and the helicopter flies off to either bring the passenger to their destination or pick up a new passenger. What is nice about this app is that users can feel like they are actually flying the helicopter around the house because of the Augmented Reality Effect wherein the camera is used to incorporate the room images in the helicopter background as it flies from one spot to the other. The app also features five characters with fun voices to guide and entertain your child during playtime. Parents or siblings can also join in the fun by helping younger ones assign pick-up or drop-off points around the house or taking turns in transporting passengers until quitting time.

Take your kids to different heights of excitement in pretend play with the Helicopter Taxi. Its 3-D fun and interesting characters are sure to feed your child’s imagination. This app can also help develop their navigating skills as well. However, parents should make sure that kids are in a child proofed room or at least remind their kids to be careful when playing and walking at the same time in order to avoid accidents.


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