Get a Dose of App Action from Piece Corps


Kids age nine and above can get themselves an action packed adventure by joining the Piece Corps and save their friends from the clutches of an evil scientist. Just like the real life Peace Corps, players of the game are out on a rescue mission. They need to free four kidnapped Piece Corps girls and the book of dreams by going through different challenges that require skills, logic and creativity.

The game features five Piece Corps girls namely Bundi, Deevah, DJane, Martia, and Meana who were kidnapped by the evil scientist and his underlings along with the Book of Dreams. One girl escapes and sets out on a mission to rescue her friends.  Players of the game get to choose which one escapes to save her friends. Each girl has 3 special abilities which can be used against their opponents. They can spin, bounce, blast, inflate or drill to make their way to their friends and retrieve the Book of Dreams. Players can experiment on combining any three of these abilities in one heroine. This activity can also be fun and interesting because of the over 100 possible combinations that one can play around with.

There are 50 story levels available for free download all of which offer exciting obstacles that include some physics based play similar to that of Angry Birds. Villains and allies can also be found in different levels of the games all of which are funny and interesting characters too. They include the villain trio of the janitor, hall monitor, and the lunch lady, as well as supportive allies like the school boy, nurse and principal. This game may be designed to have a girly appeal, but this doesn’t stop the boys from getting their own dose of action from it. Piece Corps is available for Android and iOS users.


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