Heads Up for A Nanny Cam in the House

Heads Up for A Nanny Cam in the House


A lot of dual income households are left with no other option except to leave their kids in the hands of a family care giver or a nanny. Even with meticulous screening and strong endorsements of referrals, parents couldn’t help worrying about their children. Thus, they end up checking on them from time to time.

Monitoring Kids While at Work

Parents nowadays can keep an eye on their kids through hidden cameras or nanny cameras aside from mobile phones and online chats. Having these surveillance devices around the house is quite common already. Then again parents should still consider their decision carefully before installing a hidden nanny camera at home.

The usual reason for having a hidden camera around the house is for parents to monitor their kids. Two, to also check on the nanny’s performance in their absence. Parents should first be familiar with surveillance laws or use of cameras in the house before using them. Although considered legal in 50 states in the US, videos with voice recordings without the person’s consent is deemed illegal in some states. (This is also so in the Europe and other parts of the world). There are also privacy issues that may arise depending on where the camera is placed. Such issues will have a bearing on the type of surveillance device that can be used in the house. It also tackles the locations where cameras are placed. Parents who want accurate monitoring should go for high-end products with better resolution quality and real-time feeds.

Disclosing Hidden Cameras

Another consideration is whether to disclose the presence of hidden cameras in the house to your nanny. Homeowners are not obligated to inform their employees about these hidden devices but they have the option to do so.

Nanny Cam in the House

The International Nanny Association recommends that the employers discuss the use of hidden camera in the house to their nanny prior to employment.

Option to Decline

Discussing it with them beforehand gives them an option to take the job or decline it. That is before you make any long term plans with them. This will also minimize the risk of losing a good nanny who may take offense against being filmed without consent. In a way, these devices can also be used to prevent abuse or neglect of duty from the nanny. Knowing that they are being watched during their work hours will make them think twice about fooling around.


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