Get a Piece of Math Action from Slice Fractions


It is quite uncommon to find a child who would eagerly spend time tackling Math problems or doing homework for that matter. But with modern technology, lessons can be incorporated in fun and sometimes addicting activities to make learning a breeze for young kids. Game apps for smart phones and gadgets are examples of such modern learning tools. And when it comes to fractional math, you can ditch the pie chart and let a mammoth’s adventure in Slice Fractions teach your child a thing or two.

make learning more fun!

On its face value, this app is a combination of slicing games and puzzles that feature adorable characters and catchy music. A closer look at Slice Fractions would reveal math concepts like part whole partitioning, numerator and denominator, equivalent fractions, fraction ordering, and subtracting fractions from a whole, subtly incorporated in the game. The objective is to help a wooly mammoth clear his path from chunks of ice and lava that are blocking his way. Players need to slice a portion of a large ice block hanging in the sky and drop them in the obstacles in the ground. It starts easy with basic concepts of shapes and sizes then progress to more difficult levels with actual fractions incorporated in the game. The mammoth earns a goofy hat for every level accomplished. These hats can also be an added incentive for the kids to keep working on the different levels. There is very little to worry about as far as boredom is concerned, the puzzles are quite engaging that even adults can enjoy it too.

Slice Fractions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod is a fresh way for kids to get a piece of some math action without being overwhelmed with lessons. Three to five year old kids can have a go at it and get an early exposure in math concepts. Parents or teachers can use the game as reference for actual school work and make kids realize that learning Math can be lots of fun too.


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