Entertain and Educate Kids with Busytown Mysteries


Playing, watching TV, and reading are three of the popular leisure activities that kids engage in.  These activities are usually enjoyed separately, but with modern apps they can all be rolled into one. One action packed app for kids is the Busytown Mysteries. This application combines cartoon entertainment, learning, singing, reading, and playing in one game application.


Busytown Mysteries for iPhone and iPad features full length stories, karaoke sing along sequences, and interactive games. This app can be helpful for parents who would like to help their kids develop reading and deductive reasoning skills.  It is presented like an episode of the Busytown Mysteries cartoon series with the curious Huckle Cat taking the lead in solving mysteries. A good thing about this app is that they utilize speech bubbles, character–specific word highlighting and touch-to-speak technology in every page. Kids can go over the highlighted words as each character delivers their line and repeat the lines if they missed a word. This can be an effective tool to help young kids develop reading skills. The same goes for the three karaoke sing along sequences that are featured in the toontale episode. Aside from reading skills, there are also different educational objectives in every toontale episode. The games in the first toontale aim to help Memory Development and Recall, episode 2 promotes number and color recognition, and episode 3 deals with shape and image association. Parents can also appreciate the interactive summary at the end of the story which introduces kids to the concept of deductive reasoning.

Children will definitely enjoy the interactive experiences from start to finish. In a way, they can also be little detectives by helping Huckle Cat solve the mystery. Going through the games and paying attention to the clues can make a future sleuth out of your little ones. Busytown Mysteries is packed with action, entertainment, and learning. They make perfect fillers for a child’s downtime or a boredom solution when traveling with kids.


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