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Nowadays, many have seen the benefits of blogging. Not only as a therapeutic escape from the harsh reality of life, blogging is also a potential means of earning some extra income. And some people actually earn a lot!

Being one, I can attest to the fact that indeed, blogging is not only an enjoyable hobby, it could also be a very lucrative job. And if there are  things that I should be most thankful about, those must be my Macbook and our Internet connection.

simplitec assistance online help computer gizmo

Sometimes though, this hard-headed white gizmo won’t cooperate. There are times when it would work slowly and poorly, and I hate it when this happens especially when there are a lot of write ups to do. Of course, I can write everything down with pen on paper but that’s just twice the hassle. But as an eager blogger, I looked for ways to improve its performance. Here are some of the things I would like to share with you.

Get a reliable antivirus software

One reason why computers get slower is because it may be infested with viruses and unwanted stuff. You get viruses when you visit sites that infect your computer unit with malicious malwares. Install some reliable antivirus software to protect your computer from these malwares. Regularly run a test to know  if your PC is clean.

Ask assistance online

The WorldWideWeb has definitely become an overwhelming source of information. You can search for tips and advices on how to properly take care of your computer. There are also sites which are especially dedicated to helping people in software management. For example, at you will find advice on what best ways to protect your computer and what good software programs to install for your computer’s optimum performance.

Use cloud storage

Part of my job as a blogger is to write lots of articles either for my 20-something blogs. And as a near perfectionist, I make sure that I save all the articles again and again. As a result, a huge number of MS word files have already piled up in my disk, and these heavy load have also caused my macbook to slow down. So now, I have transferred some of my files in a free file hosting services. I am confident that my files here are safe and protected. My personal cloud storage choice is Dropbox.

 Use an external Drive

Being a prolific photo-hobbyist, I’ve accumulated tons of photos all through the years…no, I don’t delete them even if they’re double shots and I maybe would do that if I get the time. My husband was kind enough to buy two  terabyte external hardrives, one for his graphics and one for my photos.

Clean Up

Physically. Dust and heat are not a good combination for your computer. Make sure that you dust off the insides once in a while. Dust building up will make the fan insulated causing heat build up. It is easy if you have the experience already but if not, ask the handyman at home to do it for you, otherwise call the nerds as stated above to ask for help how.

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10 Replies to “Keeping your Gizmo in Top Shape”

  1. I am not sure if my 1st comment went through. I have antivirus that hubby bought for me and it is okay. i don’t know which antivirus is the best .the cloud storage , i don’t have it and the computer clean ,that i have to do always. i am too lazy to do it.

  2. thanks for the tip mommy! weee…long time no hop in your blog!…hays yung aking netbook nga yung ibang keys hindi na nag function…need ko na to palinisan siguro…

  3. Love this post! I can so relate.. haha.. I’ve never backed up my blog entries though, but I always save a copy of my photos on an external drive. Before I got my external drive, my laptop was already lagging! hahaha.. XD

  4. I blog using my iPod because my netbook is kinda slow in loading. Planning to buy an iPhone or maybe a Samsung Galaxy smartphone since I also want to try out WP’s android app.

    Re the storing of posts, that’s one of my problem though. I should back up my blogs, most especially my personal blogs, maybe I should also try Dropbox

  5. those mentioned above are highly recomendable because we are prone to getting viruses since we visited a lot of website each time. it’s better to be safe than sorry. I have all of the above and still i don’t feel safe. hackers and spammers are getting smarter this time

  6. Unlike you, I don’t save at all, I try to remind myself to because sometimes something weird happens and I end up erasing everything and I need to write everything all over again, thank God for auto save and auto recover.. 😛 hehe

    I dust my laptop all the time, I cannot live without it! and I cannot afford for it to break down.. 😛

    Is dropbox ok? Right now I am using MediaFire, because it’s free.. 😛 But I would gladly pay for Cloud storage if it was indeed reliable, let me know if it is. 🙂

  7. These are some good tips. I know when techonology works best, it is awesome, but when technology does, it is a pain in the bum. We are using Norton Antivirus to help us since it is part of the fact that viruses can affect your computer. Definitely cleaning up the computer is a must. Glad you are making money from blogging as well.

  8. thanks to blogging. I couldn’t imagine myself if I have no blogs to keep me sane. maybe I’m out in the neighborhood chasing the latest issue in town, haha.

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