Wii Balance board and Wii Fit

We’ve had the board and the Wii Fit game for some time now but I haven’t really written a review about it. Three words, We love it!

Hubby and I enjoys it both, I could do step dance, hula hoops and yoga while he goes snowboarding, his favorite sport….see below he would even gear up for the feel…despite being at home. 🙂

As promised, the Wii Balance board helps those who wants to improve posture. The idea behind the board, which appears like a bathroom scale is to detect the COB (center of balance) of the user. Once detected one continues to play games that focuses on the cob thereby improving posture…This follows medical findings that having good posture and balance makes one healthier. (If you’ve heard of MTB shoes, it’s the same idea.)

The Wii Fit games are awesome too. Eight players are allowed to register a profile and create a Mii, those mini me’s that acts as your double. 🙂 Most games include a trainer, which I really find cute and helpful. Trainers tell a player what to do and help them in the process. Take the yoga for example, a player can follow the trainer’s instruction to achieve the most out of the exercise. He or she (yes, you can choose your trainer’s gender) contnously remind the player to stay balanced…she scores then the player of his or her performance.

Another feature of the board is the Body tests where BMI (body mass index) is calculated. You can then get your “age” or your strength in relation to true strength.

On days of course that the hubby could go out to snowboard he would…on days that there’s no snow then he plays at home. We’re both looking forward to more Wii Fit games and more use for the balance board.

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