Touching on Tactus Next Generation Tactile Technology

A lot of ingenious ideas will be lost without the help of investors who are willing to put their stake in its development. Recent introduction of tablets and other touch screen devices is a technological breakthrough that most people embraced and included in their lifestyle. The people of Tactus Technology Inc. are working on revolutionizing the tablet and touch screen market further with the development of next generation touch interface elements. For this bright idea to materialize, investor participation is required. They found an ally with Peter J. Thompson who led a $6 million investment for the product development expansion and production of these components.

tactus tactile technology
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Tactus is a company established in 2008 at Fremont California which has developed the technology for using tactile buttons for touch screen devices. This new technology will be integrated into regular touch screen devices to make it more convenient to type or enter data in the screen. It pretty much works the same way as any ordinary touch screen except that the buttons on the screen can rise up with this new component, while leaving the rest of the screen unchanged. This will enable the users to physically press keyboard and other buttons and have better control on data typed on screen.

A lot of experts believe in the market potential of this new technology and its ability to compete against mini-laptops and net books, especially now that he more trendy and affordable tablets are gaining popularity in the market. It works by placing a layer of what is called by Tactus as their “Tactile Layer Technology”, a flexible material that enables physical buttons to rise from the screen and pushed down whenever one is typing. This provides a more realistic sensation compared to current screens enabling users to press buttons properly and minimize missed keystrokes. This technology will eliminate typing concerns that are usually associated with touch interface devices, making it easier and more convenient to use.

Experts have faith in the capability of this product to eventually penetrate the general market because it is already proven to work with the touch screen technology currently used in these devices. However, this technology still has to go through some product development stages to make it widely available in the market.

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  1. I think this technology is very cool and cannot wait for it to be added to out phones. How much more will it cost to add to our phones though is my only concern.

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