Kids at Play

(That was just one of those cute moments that I had to take a shot of, he doesn’t know how to play at this age, two.)

 I am no expert in child psychology but I think it wise that kids must not be let early on to play video games, not earlier than when they can read or write. Sure there are a lot of educational games for kids but there are instances that you cannot monitor what they are doing on a game console. I bet you’ll agree that kids nowadays learn much faster than us when we were their age…and I speak from experience. I had to ask my then 4-year-old (in photo, he’s 5 now), how to record on my iPhone. 😀 He gets to tinker with the recorder a lot because he loves to sing and records his voice. Hearing him listening to one of his songs prompted me to ask “where’s that button?” And he gave me a tutorial.

It looks cool when kids are techie but it also entails a lot of responsibility on their part as well as the parents. Hubby is a gamer. So if there’s a new game, he’d certainly get it, play it and finish it as a way of winding  up. I think it’s inevitable that the kids follow suit. I play too but has lost the lust when I started going to school for German courses and all the more working as a translator. I mostly just watch him play nowadays. (Zachary Levi dear, yes I spend nights awake watching my man finish a game.)

My efforts to minimize the kids playtime (video games) paid off somehow. We would often be out at the playground, we bike for an hour or so and when McDonald’s had their art+fun activities I bring them to participate. Since McD’s have free wifi I could always do work while seeing them from my seat. Now that it’s schooltime again, I’ve set the rule that they could only play games (and watch TV) on Friday and Saturday nights.

As for which games to play, I always have a strong aversion for violent games, bloody-displays of killing and gory characters. I remember stating this as a comment at another mom’s entry, I don’t know if I didn’t write it correctly but I did particularly say “violent games.” The mom wrote an article that video games aren’t evil…as a retort to my comment pointing out “video games as evil,” which was not what I said. lol

Even if I tell the kids to not watch and even if I take them out, we can’t be out all day. There are still instances that they get to watch what Daddy plays. So there are a lot of games that are off the list that they can play or watch …some would be the following:

God of War
Grand Theft Auto
Assassin’s Creed


mommy moments

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3 Replies to “Kids at Play”

  1. Guess what? My son learned to read thru PSP! haha! I lost control over him play PSP before making it the nanny. But now having fear of its effects on his eyes, I already put restrictions on his play time. Sometimes he and daddy play Burnout Legends thru game sharing as their bonding time. 🙂

  2. we both have the same aversion, sis. anything that has blood in it, even if it’s black and white is off the list. Right now, as you may have read already in my entry, we started to impose the Weekend only rule for gaming and surfing online. At least for my eldest. The youngest ones are still free to go to and Kidzui anytime.

    Thanks for visiting, sis!

  3. yeah, kids are definitely more tech savvy than we are.. we just really need to give them proper guidance, not just about using the computer but morally so that when the time comes, they will know what is right and what is not. tough mommy job! 🙂

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