Boating Time

We went on a bike tour around the Danube island and a boating trip round the Danube (even on a cold summer day, weird!). Above photo would be hubby and I (accidentally looked away), dawty and a younger friend. We went in two groups so all my photos include the other boat, #41 — their photos have mostly ours- boat # 52.

Despite the coldness, there were lots of us boating, sailing and pedal boating. I usually would just take shots of these sails the past months from the train – driving by. So I took photos to my heart’s content – the water, the view, the sky, all the sails around and swans.

 So that’s boat #41 – white, ours is red and both teams really had fun. Wondering where my two boys were? They were left with a friend because they can’t go biking as far as we did….upon learning that we’ve gone boating, the little boy demanded that they be taken along. 😀 Well, perhaps soon…next week or so! 😉


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