Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #23

I’m joining in late again as I was last week. I followed all of those who made extra efforts to visit my entry and followed twitter, while I’m disappointed with those who haven’t…hmph. lol. Kidding aside, this week we are doing Facebook Page liking. This week’d WBFC is brought to us by Pink Memoirs and Postcard Enthusiast.

To give an excuse for my late entry, I’m doing translations again…my dawty has had an accident and we often visit the doctor, in fact she’d be examined again tomorrow and they’re going to change the cast on her arm! I’ve also been tinkering with my blogger blog and I successfully did, if I may say so. Teehee! See Vienna Daily’s new layout. Anyway please click the like button on the box below, if you feel like it leave a note on my wall so I can visit you back the soonest. Thanks!

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14 Replies to “Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #23”

  1. Hello dear,

    happy to discover a translator. How many language do you do ?

    I’m your newest follower, I liked your facebook page as Grace Bailhache. Hope you’ll come by my blog to say hi and return the favor on FB as well.


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