The Littlest Pet Shop Apps: Bringing 90”s Pocket Toys to 21st Century Gadgets


Kids of the 90s were the first ones to enjoy the adorable pocket toys from Hasbro’s The Littlest Pet Shop (LPS). These small pet toys are so tiny that they can fit in a child’s palm. Mini cats, dogs, hamsters, toucans, chameleons, and other animals from the Littlest Pet Shop come with movable parts or simple mechanisms like a stamp roller at the underside of the pet cat. A lot of new pets have been released over the years and they continue to be popular with young kids and pre-teens all over the world until now. Today, kids can enjoy these adorable palm-sized pets in their fingertips as well with the availability of The Littlest Pet Shop app on smart phones and tablets.

littlest pet shops

The game features the main character of the LPS TV show Blythe Baxter and her pet friends Pepper, Minka, Zoe, Penny, Sunnil, Vinnie and Russel. Players can help Blythe and her friends take care of the pets featured in the game. There are 150 pets to collect and fun mini games to play, but the appeal of this app relies mostly on how the players are able to interact with the pets. Virtual pet owners need to feed, bathe and play with their pets to keep them happy. Parents who have kids playing Pet Society using their Facebook accounts can consider downloading this app in their kid’s phone as an alternative. Additional features of the game include houses and play areas where more pets can be welcomed and entertained. Players can build homes and a LPS town on their own. They may also visit other towns and find hidden objects if they are lucky.

This game can be downloaded for free but those who want to upgrade their play can purchase additional game items using real money. It’s a great app for kids to learn about the different animals that can be kept at home as pets and a good way to reminisce for the Littlest Pet Shop fans of the 90’s.


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