Fun things to Do with the Kids this Autumn


It’s gone colder in our region, well, autumn has officially started, no wonder. It could mean more time out taking photos with the kids with earth colors as a theme or staying indoors and doing more artsy and fun stuff. That won’t always be the case though, autumn is a good time to enjoy the outdoors too and do some chores.

Here’s some of the things  you can do to make autumn enjoyable.

1. Take photographs of the kids with all the leaves around. This is an annual thing for us, every season.

2. Pick up chestnuts and make fun figures with them. It could be a cow, a man or anything that the kids could create.

3. Stroll around the city and drink hot cocoa or tea from the many stalls gathered around.

4. Go apple picking and cherry picking. Make caramel apples and bake apfelstrudel or cherry oatmeal cookies after.

white internal doors5. Cut up leaf decorations in different colors. You can use felt paper and hang them around the house. Your  white internal doors will surely look lively with them.

6. Visit craft and autumn festivals and actually craft something.

7. Cook soup. Let the kids cut up vegetables, have the broth season with salt and then have the soup together with freshly baked bread.

8. Play football at the field and roll around the ground a couple of times.

9. Go camping and roast marshmallows or better, make smores! No kid can say no to those. (I’m a kid too.)

10. Walk along a path laden with dried leaves and just enjoy the smell of the earth.

11. Plant something. It could be herb seeds or bulbs to get ready for in spring. This is a good way to expose them to nature.

12. Visit the barn, pet the rabbits and go horseback riding when you can.

13. Take out those gardening tools and start pruning and weeding. They would not grow as fast as they would in summer. Let the kids pull out some.

plant seeds

plant seeds

14. Go green and make compost. Those leaves and the greens you pruned and weeded will make for good earth food.

15.  Go candle-hunting.  The smell of the earth could sometimes overwhelm you, lit up candles that would remind you of spring, I recommend lavender, a personal favorite.

16. Bake doughnuts of flavors by request.

17. If you get lazy, you can always rely on your Wii fitness games to make a day less boring. Kids would always love playing tennis and dance around, even at the confines of home.

18. Finally, go shopping. I’m sure there’d be lots of items on sale and it’s good therapy, always had, always will.


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20 Responses

  1. Mai Flores says:

    Oh, I love your things to do!!! I’m envious since there’s only two seasons here in the Philippines.. When I do get to visit Vienna, I’ll make sure to come during Autumn! Let’s meet up then — should that transpire someday? 🙂

  2. Franc Ramon says:

    There are a lot of things to do in Autumn and one thing I’d probably do is take pictures of leaves as they change color and fall.

  3. Autumn is one of the seasons that I like. Aside from taking great photos out of the multi-colored leaves on the trees and grounds, camping with the family is also fun to do.

  4. Katherine G says:

    These are great ideas.

  5. Entrepremom says:

    I love earth colors! Sana may ganyan din sa Pilipinas. When my sister visited the States a few years back, told her to capture the colors of autumn. Too bad end of Spring bumalik na sila dito.

  6. Rossel says:

    I am wondering when I’ll be able to see autumn leaves most especially the famous ones from the maple tree. If there’ll be an autumn here, taking RJ’s pictures with golden leaves all around would be my top priority.

  7. This is a nice bonding for mom and kids too…. If only I have a new camera I would do the things you do, sigh my old camera has given up.

  8. Maria Teresa says:

    Apple picking and cherry picking are things I won’t get to experience here in the Philippines because we don’t have autumn season here. I can only dream about those things. Lol!

  9. claire says:

    I’ve never experience autumn but I appreciate how the colors mixed up very earthly and I loved it!

  10. I love autumn. Just seeing them in the photos though.

  11. i never had the chance to experience autumn , i do hope someday.

  12. Les says:

    wow! I wish we can experience that here in the Philippines too 🙂

  13. marri says:

    Since there’s no autumn in the Philippines, Maybe these activities can be done during summer. I wish to bring my kids for a camp out and burn marshmallows over the camp fire. They will definitely love it!

  14. I love the leaf decor! hmmm…We haven’t done any crafts lately coz mama is busy. Too bad for Dindin. 🙁

  15. These are fun activities with the kids. How I wish we have autumn here but we can do the other activities that you cited during summer.

  16. nuts says:

    I can see autumn only on photos. How I wish we have autumn here,however I can pick some of the activities listed above for our summer fun here!

  17. Sumi says:

    How I wish I can also experience autumn. I love the colors and food associated with this season and of course, the chilly climate.. 🙂

  18. rj's mama says:

    Why don’t you also let the kiddos take photographs of you and hubby 🙂

  19. jem alvarado says:

    Truly enjoyable. I like the colors of autumn and love to take photos with autumn leaves around 🙂

  20. ralph says:

    wow, how i wish i could do that with my kids… if ever i’ll be in a country that has autumn… i look for this post and do these things with them. thanks. Yahweh bless.

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